I, like many women (and young girls) had dieted for most of my life, starting at the tender age of 16 with a well-known diet shake in a bid to lose a few pounds.


After three days I couldn’t stomach it anymore and promptly gave up that idea! 


I continued trying to lose weight throughout my adult life and signed up to the next new thing on the market. Unfortunately, none of them were the answer, and instead I was led down a path of constant yoyo dieting, which eventually took its toll on my health and my metabolism!

I remember going to see my GP. I’d hit rock bottom and didn’t know what else to do.  I was hardly eating anything and exercising five times a week, yet the weight wasn’t shifting.  I was fortunate that my GP took me seriously and was enormously helpful, teaching me all about nutrition. I started to lose weight and make healthier choices and would often get asked what diet I was on.   The fact was I wasn’t on a diet, I was simply eating a well-balanced one. 

Moving through adulthood, I experienced other health problems resulting in a full hysterectomy at the age of 39, which catapulted me into the menopause and all the issues that it brings.  Over the years I’ve used my expertise as a Nutritionist to look for natural ways of dealing with symptoms and understanding the female body and I am passionate about supporting women in all stages of their lives and sharing the expertise I have in women’s health.

“what did I do about it”?

I decided to study as a Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach at that point, which has now enabled me to help other people who just want to find a way to break out of the cycle of losing weight and then putting it back on, usually through a poor understanding of food and nutrition and their limiting beliefs that have developed over time. 

Before I had my hysterectomy, I took up Yoga and meditation as I knew it would be hard on me both mentally and physically and I wanted to be prepared for it.  Having seen the amazing impact this had on me, I decided to become a Yoga instructor and Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, which really enables me to provide a holistic approach to the support that my clients need.

I love speaking about women’s health and being able to support employees by providing an honest, unbiased approach with meaningful and useful advice.  It doesn’t stop there though, as I’m able to support businesses when it comes to having meaningful policies in place to support women through all their life stages.

My top 5 tips for leading a healthy and fulfilled life:


Keep life simple. Do what you love. Be kind to others and yourself and give what you can when you can. Negativity breeds negativity, so surround yourself with people who will help you to be the best version of yourself, rather than those who will take you down with them.

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This programme does not constitute a formal coaching programme and results cannot be guaranteed

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