This programme does not constitute a formal coaching programme and results cannot be guaranteed

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Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

Are you frustrated that you've tried every diet going, but nothing seems to work?
Is your lack of weight loss leaving you fed up?
Do you feel like giving up because it's such hard work?
Are you struggling with knowing what to eat?
Do you wish someone would tell you what the answers are to losing weight?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could show you a better way to be healthy and lose weight, and cut through all the rubbish advice and diets that just don't work?

That way you wouldn’t waste any more time, money or effort on diets that just don’t work, but instead they would tell you what you need to do to succeed.

Wouldn't you love to be able to speak to someone to ask those burning questions and bust some dieting myths, instead of trying to cut through all the information on the internet? 

Well I have EXACTLY what you are looking for, and it's waiting to wing its way to you right now!

What do you get? 

  • A 30 day email based course with new content emailed straight to you every 5 days.  

  • 6 modules of amazing content

  • It's all about giving you a kick start on your weight loss journey

  • It includes guidance about meal planning, how you can support your weight loss by making some simple changes, why your diets haven't worked in the past.  

Why listen to me?  Well I've been where you are now.  I struggled with my weight most of my adult life going from one faddy diet to the other, and gradually the weight piled on as I yoyo dieted.  I reached rock bottom and found myself sobbing in my GP's office begging for help.  I eventually took matters into my own hands and trained as a nutritional therapist so that I could learn about food and how to eat right.  I lost over 4 stone by putting the things I learnt into practice and now I combine these skills with over 20 years of coaching to help people just like you, because I know how hard it is!

If you are interested, I've also been featured in the Evening Advertiser and have been known to pop up on local radio now and again!

It inspired me to make changes and was a great place to share what I was doing to improve my health. I found the suggestions sensible and based around long term change. I enjoyed it and would recommend it.


If I was just going to my diet club without having the coaching it would not work, the club wouldn’t have addressed the self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs, and I would not be challenged to complete my actions and achieve my goal


I’d recently become diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes my BG level was in the mid 50’s when I was originally measured. After 6 months my BG levels had dropped into the “acceptable” range. I feel that without taking prompt action to see Bonny months before, this would not have happened and I would (by now) probably taking medication for diabetes rather than be diabetes free. 


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What you get:

I have been where you are which is why I have developed this knowhow programme to get you started on your journey.  

  • It’s a 30 day programme during which you will get 6 different modules every 5 days of easy to read teaching and support.

  • I tell you honestly about why some of the things you might be doing are stopping you from reaching your goals.

  • You get nutritional information, inside information about faddy diets and lots more.

If this sounds like what you need, then you can sign up now and get access straight away!

Want to hear the good news?  It's FREE!  That’s right, this programme is valued at £79, but I am so passionate about helping people like you that I've decided to give it away for FREE!

Complete your details below to join me as I share with you

6 Awesome Slimming Secrets

When you sign up you will also get access to any early bird discounts to future programmes and course that I offer, and I have lots planned for you this year!

I'm going to try and answer any questions you might have right here and now:

  • Can I access this on my phone/tablet? Yes, as long as you have access to your email on your device.

  • Do I need to disclose my weight to anyone? No, this programme does not include tracking weight loss, but if you want to for yourself then that’s great!

  • Will it take up lots of my time?  You can put as much or as little effort in as you like, and revisit the emails when you are ready to read them.

  • Do I have to have Facebook to benefit from this?  No, but you can join my page and ask any me any questions along the way.

"With her help, I feel more confident and structured, with a clear vision of my path to success."


It was helpful and eye opening and Bonny helped me enormously to look at things in a different light and from a different viewpoint. Thank you for your kindness, expertise and advice


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Ready to dive in and start the journey to reach your life long goal?
Complete your details below to get access....
Remember all the times you have given up but then felt so frustrated and annoyed at yourself?
Can you face going through that again this year?  
Or would you rather take the first steps to do something about it now?
This programme does not constitute a formal coaching programme and results cannot be guaranteed

6 Awesome Slimming Secrets


Imagine what it could be like if you knew how to power through those mid-afternoon energy slumps (without grabbing for the chocolate!)  

Imagine having more energy and zest for life so you feel healthier, fitter and feel good about yourself.  


Imagine having some inside information about why your diets haven't worked in the past, but also knowing what you can do to make sure you succeed in the future.


Doesn't that sound great?

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