Success Stories

Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with the help of a professional Nutritional Therapist

Read some of the amazing feedback I have had from people who have worked with me having received nutritional therapy including healthy eating meal plans.

“If I was just going to my diet club without having the coaching it would not work, the club wouldn’t have addressed the self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs, and I would not be challenged to complete my actions and achieve my goal”

/// Cathy

"I’d recently become diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and any aid via the NHS about diet and nutrition was patently going to be achingly slow to arrive. My BG level was in the mid 50’s when I was originally measured. When I attended my appointment with the specialist diabetic nurse after 6 months my BG levels had dropped into the “acceptable” range. I feel that without taking prompt action to see Bonny months before, this would not have happened and I would (by now) probably taking medication for diabetes rather than be diabetes free."

/// Paul

“I feel excited about starting this journey…..this is the breakthrough I’ve been looking for”

/// Sharon

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